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Tax services

Personal Tax 

Preparation and electronic filing of personal income tax returns (T1) for:

  • Individuals with employment, rental, investment and other income

  • Self-employed individuals with business income

  • Seniors

  • Families

  • Students

Corporate Tax

Corporation income tax returns are required for incorporated business and professional corporations.

Your bookkeeping must be completed for the prior 12 months along with the financial statements for the year-end in order to prepare and file the corporate income tax return.


Well-organized financial records are basic for a successful business. Proper recording of transactions during the year saves time when preparing a personal tax return for business income or a corporate tax return

Using the appropriate software I will ensure that your records are kept up to date, monthly, quarterly or annually, depending on the size of your business, so that you can have a clear picture of your financial situation and can spend your time running your business.

T5 preparation, WSIB, EHT 

GST/HST filing requirements can impact your business unless they are managed properly. Always remember that the collection and remittance of the HST remains the responsibility of the recipient who is generating the income.


I will guide you to accurately manage all your necessary records and I will prepare and file the GST/HST returns in a timely manner.



Payroll is important for your organization, employees should be paid on time and the CPP, EI, nd Income Tax deductions should be accurately calculated, deducted and remitted to the Canada Revenue Agency CRA).

I will prepare payroll deduction calculations based on the employee working hours and rates provided by you, and I will ensure all the government remittances and T4s as well as record of employment (ROE) are filed on time with CRA.  

​Compiled financial statements are prepared for corporations that require the financial statements for presentation to the owners, stakeholders and/or financial institutions that do not require review or audit engagements.



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